Sunday, July 25, 2010

Relationships Map

Where does My Community fit as an organisations?

My Community Tasmania (MCT) is a network of networks that has established linkages and alliances with various kinds organisations – loose alliances of people, action groups, etc. – and we will continue to build on these alliances.

It is not foreseen that MCT will become a formally constituted incorporated not-for-profit association in the short term. Rather, when there is a need to have such a formal arrangement it is planned that the network will be auspiced by one of the not-for-profit groups it has formed an alliance with.

Currently, MCT is being auspiced by the Tasmanian Ratepayers Association and there are plans for the two groups to collaborate on various projects to do with Local Govt. However, MCT is not exclusively concerned with Local Govt. and its network includes professionals with a wide range of interests.

MCT takes some of its inspiration from the national organisation OUR COMMUNITY.COM.AU (OC) and it is planned that in time MCT & OC may well cooperate to bring aspects of the Our Community program and suite of services to Tasmania.

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