Wednesday, July 28, 2010


To provide a coherent community voice that informs government – Local, State and Federal – and other community organisations about matters of importance including:
• Options for the future; plus
• Standards and types of service;
needed in order for the wider community to experience value for taxes, rates, levies, fees and other charges imposed and collected by government and community service providers and membership organisations.


Value will be evidenced via:

The timely delivery of appropriate and/or increased service;
Efficiency and effectiveness coupled with the elimination of waste;
Sustainability being evident as a guiding principle in management processes;
The elimination of duplication and rework;
to increase the value of the community’s and/or membership’s various investments in an organisation’s activity and the deliverance of genuine advantages to its Community of Ownership and Interest.

A standard of governance that:
Assures that members and/or a community’s views and needs are incorporated into plans and outcomes;
Engages in constituency consultation to assure the alignment of services and initiatives with community needs.

Professional management that acts to increase organisational and operational efficiencies that in turn lead to reductions in taxes, rates and other charges over time and/or increases in the level and quality of service without a financial penalty to the Community of Ownership and Interest.


Link with other community organisations and groups to share knowledge, ideas and experiences;

Promote good accountable governance, the provision of quality service and adherence to rigorous reporting proceses;

Benchmark and compare government performance – Local, State and Federal – against other organisations in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors;

Present seminars, trainings, conferences and other events that empower communities and membership groups and organisations in the not-for-profit and corporate sectors;

Use the internet and similar facilities to support community development – e.g. websites, tools etc;

Require that the total of taxes, charges, rates and other payments are affordable to the membership and Communities of Ownership and Interest;

Publish stories of the impacts of governing bodies and/or government actions on a community or membership group;

Fight against and expose corruption, incompetence and waste

Collect, compile and publish performance indicators in regard to public institutions, service providers, and elected representatives in Tasmania to assist citizens make informed choices about the options available to them.

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